Business Life

 Our business is to get to know your business and help make it grow

Taking care of your business is a vital part of our business.

Regardless of their business size, customers benefit from GSB's independent status and personal service. Unencumbered by layers of committees and red tape, our bankers can move quickly. Prompt decisions are made right here and allow customers to handle immediate needs ...and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

  • Fresh ideas and knowledgeable counsel
  • Personal, responsive service
  • Time-saving innovative products

Using our online BUSINESSBankersm and OFFICEBankersm programs is like adding to your staff without adding to your payroll expenses. Handle routine banking and ACH transactions at your convenience, right in your office.

For more information and ideas to help your business... call, email, or visit any of our seven branches, today.

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*Sensitive customer information and/or account information should never be included via e-mail.