Business Cash "Manager"

Increase your office efficiency with OFFICEBanker, our online cash management tool.

A valuable office asset, online OFFICEBanker is designed for businesses that wish to keep their cash balances working at all times and appreciate the ability to handle financial transactions without a bank visit or outside assistance. eStatements are available.

Flexible and Secure:

  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Do ACH transactions
  • Direct deposit payroll
  • Make federal and State tax payments
  • Concentrate cash from accounts at GSB and other institutions
  • QuickBooks® compatible
  • Collect dues and fees electronically (*additional ACH Debit Application required)

All transmissions are secure and verified by a bank issued and faxed confirmation receipt.

  • Pin based security
  • Different levels of access for employees
  • Forms, documentation and staff training provided
  • OFFICEBanker Access Fee: $35.00 per month

Wire Transfer Module: $20.00 per month additional
ACH Origination Module: $20.00 per month additional
Positive Pay Module: $100 per month, per account
Security Token Fee: $5.00 per month (unlimited tokens)

OFFICEBanker Activity Fees:
$0.20 per ACH item initiated
$20.00 per each Domestic Wire initiated
$45.00 per each International Wire initiated
$30.00 per each Stop Payment initiated
$0.65 per each bill payment initiated
$0.05 per each outstanding Positive Pay Issue item
$0.50 per each Positive Pay Exception item
$5.00 per each returned Positive Pay Exception item

The first 2 months are free for all services.

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