Service Fees

Scroll through for information on services that apply specifically to Personal or Business accounts.

Apply to Both Personal and Business Accounts
Bank Reference letter $10.00
Cashier's Checks & Money Orders (customers only) $3.00
Collection item (prepaid)
    Outgoing – each
Incoming - each
Courtesy checks 2 free / cycle, then $1.00 each
Debit card fee for International purchase 1%
Debit Card Replacement $5.00
Duplicate release deed $50.00
Escheated funds fee $10.00
Foreign drafts $30.00
Hold statements $5.00 / month
IRA Funds transferred out of bank $25.00

Levy, garnishment or other legal process

Plus research fee

Loan payment by phone $15.00
Non-U.S. deposit item $10.00
Notary service / Signature guarantee (customers only) No charge

Overdraft, returned or paid***
Negative balance of $50 or more
Negative balance less than $50

plus fee if overdrawn 3 days


$35 / item
$15 / item


Payoff letter request via fax $10.00
Research $35.00 / hour
Returned check or ACH payment on Indirect Auto Loan $25.00
Returned deposited item $10.00
Returned mail fee $2.00 / month
Statement reconciliation $10.00 each
Statement, check image or deposit slip within 90 days (mail or fax) No charge
After 90 days
$5.00 per cycle
More than 6 months of data
$35 / hour
(minimum charge of one hour)

Special cut-off statement


Special cut-off statement request through HOMEBanker No charge
Stop payment (check or ACH) $30.00
Subordination request $250.00
Verification letter $10.00
Visa® Gift Card $3.95 / card
Wire transfers - each:
Outgoing - domestic
Outgoing - foreign

Incoming - foreign




Personal Accounts
Additional / replacement debit card $5.00
ATM deposits / balance inquires No charge
ATM transaction at non-STARSM
Bond coupon envelope $10.00
Foreign currency Please inquire
Wire transfer - incoming domestic
(one free during cycle)
Business Accounts
Auditor's bank confirmation $20.00
Coin purchase $0.10/ roll
Coin & currency deposited $0.10 / $100
Currency purchased $0.20 / strap
Letters of credit (domestic & International) Varies
Lock Box Ask your banker for pricing
Returned ACH Item $2.50 / item
Two-signature accounts $10.00 / month additional fee
Wire transfer - incoming domestic
(one free during cycle)

Online cash management tool for businesses includes:

  • Wire transfers & cables
  • Tax payments & ACH item processing
  • Bill pay item processing
Ask your banker for pricing


* Charges from other banks may apply, plus shipping for Bearer Bonds
** Charges from other banks may apply
***Charges include exhausted credit lines and also apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.  These charges may be directly applied to your account.  Business accounts: if net funds available for services for the current month are negative, a charge equal to the Prime Rate, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal, plus 3% will be assessed.

Fees are current as of 2/3/14. Fees are subject to change.