Company Sponsored Retirement Plans


Managing retirement plans for companies, we serve more than 3,000
participants within GSB’s Trust Department. Our One-Stop Provider
approach allows us to offer customized, efficient, and easy to use
retirement plan services.

Our focus is to make our clients' retirement plans successful for
both the company and participants. In this pursuit, we strive to
keep our plans low maintenance...and inexpensive. This is
accomplished through meeting with employers and participants,
and taking the time to learn and make sure their needs are met.
We strongly believe in the value of individual attention,
ongoing communication, and being available to our clients.

For information, contact Terry Richter.

Our Retirement Services include:

  • Consultation to Set-Up or Takeover an existing plan
    • determining employer goals
    • learning about the employer’s situation
    • designing a plan or plan improvements for the employer
  • Independent, unbiased investment advice
  • Employee education, enrollment sessions, and ongoing participant support
    • on the employer premises
    • at our office or via phone during normal business hours
  • Online Employer and Participant access (including via mobile browser) with:
    • tools and information
    • access to Morningstar® for further investment information
    • the ability to change and alter investment selections and allocations
  • Plan Document, Federal Forms, and other routine compliance work to maintain your plan
  • Personal visits to make our relationship meaningful to our clients
  • Regular assessment to ensure the goals of the employer and participants are being met