Home Equity Loans

Current rates available here.

Homeowners, now is a good time to transform the equity in your home into cash to use however you want.

  • No application fee
  • No transaction fee
  • $50 annual fee (applicable to lines of credit) is waived during the first year, then annually beginning one year after the contract date of your loan.

Loan amounts are up to 80% of the available equity amount (75% for lines $50,000 or more). A convenient way to make payments is with a HOMEBanker transfer from a GSB checking account.**

You may apply online or in person at any of our seven locations.

**The maximum home equity loan / line amount
is currently $200,000.

Your choice of fixed or floating rate

  • Floating rate lines of credit with terms up to five years
  • Fixed rate Advantage Loan with terms up to fifteen years

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