Savings Options

If your checking account manages your everyday expenses, then a savings account is the security that will be there in time of need.

Life Savings
With unlimited deposits, this account provides flexibility and security. Your money earns interest while remaining accessible.
Teen Life Savings
For our teenage customers, we offer a savings account tailored just for them. A smaller minimum opening deposit requirement enables teens to develop good savings habits early.
Junior Life Savings
Learning to save is one of life's early lessons, and GSB has the right account for our youngest savers to get started. With a $1 minimum balance requirement our young customers can start earning interest immediately.
Health Savings Account
Health Savings Accounts were created by the 2003 Medicare bill. The account allows eligible participants to save for qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-free basis. HSA Information
Life Money Market
A "lifetime" account that combines higher interest with transaction flexibility. Take advantage of cash reserves by using this money market account with tiered rates that increase automatically with balance levels. Easy access by check or online.
College Money Fund
A custodial account designed to assist with savings for college expenses.This account is available for children whose parents maintain their primary checking account at GSB. The interest rate is based on the highest tier of our Life Money Market.
Certificates of Deposit
By saving for a fixed amount of time with a CD, you will earn higher rates of interest. Keep track of interest earned and maturity dates easily using HOMEBankersm.

All new GSB accounts are subject to a credit report obtained at Bank expense.